Your monthly reports should include the following: -APA format. You may write in

Your monthly reports should include the following:
-APA format. You may write in the boxes on the form or attach a separate page. Aim for 1- 2 pages for each report.
– Include your hours for the month and your total hours to date.
– A report of your monthly activities
– An explanation of how those learning activities support one or more of your goals
– A connection to the academic or counseling theory behind the activity. For example, if you are using CBT as a counseling technique, you might make a connection to the theory behind this technique and if this technique has been demonstrated to be effective with your population. In other words, make connections to the “why” behind the techniques or activities.
-Cite scholarly literature (textbooks, journal articles, etc.) to help support that connection from theory to professional practice. Your monthly report must have 3 scholarly references in each report.
-Your personal reflections on the activities. It is acceptable to use “I” and write in the first person on your reports.
– Each monthly report must be original. If you find yourself engaging in similar activities each month, then try to focus on exploring an aspect of the activity you did not summarize in the previous report.
-It is acceptable to also include your personal reflections and use “I” when describing the activities, but personal reflection should not be substituted for the academic connections from theory to practice.
Monthly Report Grading Guidelines (20% of grade)
1. Entries are completed monthly and submitted on time.
2. Entries respond to the relevance of the designated activity to learning goal.
3. Entries present facts, analysis, and reasoned interpretation.
4. Monthly reports are legible, typed, clearly written using standard grammar, spelling and APA format.
5. 3 scholarly references are included, making a solid connection and demonstrating scholarship.

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