Your final presentation assignment in this course is to complete a multimedia pr

Your final presentation assignment in this course is to complete a multimedia presentation. The work you have done to create and support your research thesis will be the basis of your presentation.
This is your final longer-term project designed to help you understand the fundamental processes and value of building an argument.
This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
● Establish a clear purpose and tone; show awareness of the audience
● Research and synthesize ideas from a variety of sources
Now that you have done some research with primary and secondary sources, you will use your research to create a presentation in a format that will appeal to your peers. You will use the
research you have done throughout this course, as well as course materials, to inform your thoughts. To present your opinions and observations, you will create
a multimedia presentation (using a presentation tool such as an infographic, social media post, video, etc.) that addresses your argument. While these questions may
seem “big,” remember that you are addressing them in a presentation, not a paper, and can use bullet points, visuals, or other methods. You will be sharing your presentation with the class in a discussion post and you will need to respond to each other. This means you will need to look at each presentation in the class.
Written component
Your presentation must present your argument as well as the research you have conducted to prove your thesis. While your presentation may even be a short video or a post, you must include a written element that summarizes your thesis and the support that you found. The written component will be submitted just to me rather than in a discussion post.

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