Your final exam is a take-home essay. The prompt is provided here, you will writ

Your final exam is a take-home essay. The prompt is provided here, you will write your essay, then turn it by attaching your essay to this assignment by 10 am April 28.
You must sibmit your essay as a MS Word document. Make sure it is a .doc or .docx file.
Be sure to cite the soruces of your references to the course materials. I do’t require any partcular citation style.
The Promot:
The textbook begins by noting that “American legal culture is filled with myths” (Corley et al, American Judicial Process, 1). The texbook goes on to correct the errors of myths with the reality of the the way that law actually works. But that doesn’t mean the myths don’t mean anything. Myths continue to house the prrinciples of the American legal system, and they serve as a source of legal knoweldge. Our study of Gideon conveyed the myth that the Supreme Court has provided for equal resoruces for the poor in court. The reality is that the public defense system tends to be underfunded by states, and Olayemi Olurin’s essay suggested that populsr culture shapes an unsympathetic view of criminal defendants. The use of fines, fees, and bail has shown to pose a disproportionate hardship upon the poor. Nevertheless, the myth persists, with Gideon v. Wainwright still lauded as a landmark case. The public can think that the principle of the government providing a “fair fight” is alive and well in the legal system–the myth–while the reality is that that principle falls short in everyday practice. What lesson does this hold for our study of the politics of law? The Supreme Court can’t implement its own decisions. Following through requires the work of political branches and the support of the public.
For your final reflection essay, please locate one example of a myth being corrected by relaity. Your example can come from the textbook, or any of our course materials. PIck something that will give you enough material to develop an essay. In your reflection, be sure to identify the myth, including the principles that that myth upholds. Then draw on evidence that shows that the myth is not uphld in practice. Once you’ve done, explain why the myth persists, despite it not actually operating in practice. Finally, reflect on what this analysis tells you about the relationship between politics and law.
Your essay will likely be a page or two long, double-spaced.
Be sure to cite the soruce of your infromation, throughout the essay.

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