“”You should choose one of the three “breakthrough essays” discuss this semester

“”You should choose one of the three “breakthrough essays” discuss this semester by environmental ethics founders: Aldo Leopold, Peter Singer, or Paul Taylor and their respective critics: Chaone Mallory, Michael Fox, or William French. Thus, you will be writing on the following pair of readings: Leopold/Mallory, Singer/Fox, or Taylor/French.
Once you have chosen the pair to focus upon in your essay, present the arguments of both philosophers, say, for example, Leopold and then Mallory. Then give your assessment of the debate between the two chosen philosophers, such as: Leopold’s position is superior to Mallory’s and then, and most importantly, provide evidence why the reader should agree with your assessment. Remember one form of evidence might be a criticism of your assessment by the philosopher not chosen, Mallory, that should be followed by your reply to the criticism that you think responds effectively to it and thus offers evidence for your view. The deadline for uploading this paper is December 18, 2021 at 11:59 pm””
These are the instructions from my teacher but I’ve already chosen the two papers you’ll be focusing on (Singer/Fox). Their papers are attached below, the deadline is 12pm but I would like to have your final paper by 7pm so I can upload before my flight thank you!

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