You have the choice to research ONE of the following topics (please choose and b

You have the choice to research ONE of the following topics (please choose and be clear about your topic in your introduction, thesis, and titles):
For the topic you choose, I want you to thoroughly research the discourse around the topic. What are journalists saying about it? Find some examples of primary sources (the disinformation itself). Find some articles that are actually credible and explain the type of disinformation you’re researching. Do you agree with their theories on why or how this disinformation spread?
Your sources should be properly cited, and should be from any of the news media or other online sources.
You must show evidence of critical thinking in your evaluation of the articles’ arguments. Think about who is speaking, what they want us to believe and why, and then evaluate how well the argument is made. Use the CRAAP test to evaluate each source.
Is the argument logical, well supported, balanced? Does it commit any fallacies? Evaluate the author and publication for their biases. Overall, assess a range of arguments on your topic.
Important: you should have a clear thesis of your own and place it in relation to all of the other arguments in your research.
This essay, due at the end of the class, presumes a thorough familiarity with the entirety of our textbook. You should especially focus on Chapters Eleven and Twelve (on the News Media and Science writing).
A formal research essay, including an introduction to your topic that ends with a clear thesis; body paragraphs that each make a separate, coherent point and are supported with evidence in the form of properly cited quotation and summary; and a conclusion that sums up what you have argued.
This essay is the culmination of your work in the class and should show evidence of critical thinking about the sources from which you are quoting.

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