You are tasked to provide a memo outlining key risks to your company (tell me ab

You are tasked to provide a memo outlining key risks to your company (tell me about your company!), and potential mitigations to those risks. Your job in this assignment is to write a memo to your boss, the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the company, describing the risks posed to your company by EITHER ONE of two possible meta-risks – cybersecurity OR climate change.
Whether you choose the risks in cybersecurity or posed by climate change, the goal of this memo is the same:
1) Describe at least three major different risks that face your company as a result of this meta risk (cyber or climate change). Be sure to use the language of the course (examples could include probability/likelihood, risk, threat, vulnerability, consequence, capability, intent, etc.) when framing these risks. (1-2 pages)
2) Describe at least two risk management measures or strategies that could be used to mitigate each of these three risks (whether reducing threat, vulnerability, or consequence) (1-2 pages)
3) Describe what resources the company would have to expend (people, time, money, equipment, convenience, reputation, etc.) to improve its risk posture on these three risks (1-2 pages)
With this memo, your COO should have the information necessary to be able to assess whether or not they wish to pursue certain risk management strategies by understanding the risks, evaluating the possible responses and mitigation strategies, and weighing the tradeoffs and costs of each. The COO should also be able to use your clear and neat citations to go back and find backing information for the claims, data, information and facts you offer.

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