You are suppose you to have 1 paragraph each about my cognitive experience i had

You are suppose you to have 1 paragraph
each about my cognitive experience i
had about duolingo and 1 paragraph
about my affective response which is done in part 1 so now in part 2 you have to connect that statement of how i felt part 1 to part 2, and connect it to either
Michael Halliday or Krashen’s. So you are going to google/ look at the list i seny you of the two and look at there
theories that best match how i felt like I said in part 1 and state that theory and connect it to that person
-you connect the personal responses
from part 1 in part 2
-You will use Halliday and Krashen as
your theorist
You examine your personal responses and then demonstrate how two different personal responses (one affective and
one cognitive) are connected to two
different constructs presented by
Halliday and Krashen. You must use both theoristst
One affective response with one Halliday or one Krashen connection.
One cognitive response with a different Halliday and a different Krashen connection.
So if you look in the powerpoint • Krashen’s
theory of second language acquisition
consists of five main hypotheses: (You can use one of these to connect to one of my cognitive or affective response
•The Acquisition-Learning hypothesis,
• The Monitor hypothesis,
•The Natural Order hypothesis,
•The Comprehensible Input hypothesis,
• The Affective Filter hypothes
You choose one of these and connect (Michael Holliday’s 7 Language Situations
Part 1 is in file please look at the powerpoints as well

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