Yolk is a source of maternal testosterone for developing birds


It is 2 critical summaries. One about the article (2 pages) and the other about a second article about the same topic (2 pages). 
1. Read the assigned readings in the textbook, then read the paper I have assigned you from the primary literature (primary literature presents original data). I ATTACHED THIS ARTICLE 2. Find a second paper on that topic in the library. Pick one that relates meaningfully to the first (see below). Your choice will be graded. PICK ANOTHER ARTICLE SIMILAR TO THE TOPIC AT HAND
a)  It should address or inform the topic of the assigned discussion paper. 
b)  It must be primary literature, not a review (i.e., it should contain the following 
sections: introduction, methods, results, discussion). 
c)  Introduction: Context of study including the big question asked. What should the 
reader know to appreciate this study? 
 4. Briefest summary of methods; only whats needed to understand the results. 
5. Key results. 
 6. What these results mean in terms of question asked or hypothesis tested. 
 7. How these results have changed our understanding and where scientists might go 
from here.

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