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rubrics for grading criteria. 

 #1 – Identify, define, and describe key marketing components, product life cycle, 3Cs and 4Ps and corresponding marketing strategies.

#2 – Recommend solutions to marketing problems using appropriate concepts, principles, analytical techniques, and theories.

#3 – Evaluate the quality of proposed solutions to marketing management problems against appropriate criteria, including organizational constraints.

 #4 – Summarize the relevance and application of concepts, principles, and theories used in marketing to contemporary events and global markets and evaluate marketing decisions.

  Develop a response using the following to guide you:  

  1. Identify a product/service of your choice.

  2. Provide the description of your product (at least 250 words) and market (at least 250 words).

  3. Identify your segment, target market, and positioning strategy (at least 250 words).

  4. Develop a SWOT analysis with at least four points for each dimension.

  5. Develop a PESTLE analysis with at least four points for each dimension.

For any information you reflect within this assignment, ensure a citation. You must include at least six (6) academic sources for this assignment. If possible, use resources outside of the USA and include perspectives from different countries, contexts, and cultures. 

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