write a reflection paper on these plays, answering the questions below. Our Town

write a reflection paper on these plays, answering the questions below.
Our Town -Thornton wilder
Death of a sales man
Long days journey into night
A raisin in the sun
House of blue leaves
For colored girls who have considered suicide
Glengarry Glenross
The Nance
Angels in America
The first three questions should be answered for EACH PLAY
1) Find three SPECIFIC things about each plays that you think made it appealing in the year or decade in which it made its premiere (you can support this with historical facts/data, if necessary).
2) Find three SPECIFIC things in each play that you believe help it remain popular with audiences today (or things that make it irrelevant to a contemporary audience).
3) The plays that we have read are cultural artifacts that help us to better understand the years in which they were popular. Name one thing about each play that illuminates its time for you (BE SPECIFIC).
4) Take at least 3 of the plays we have seen and explain how you might revise in a contemporary production (production concept, casting, revised setting of place or time, etc.).
5) 2021 has been unique in the history of the United States. How do you feel the effects of the last 2 years will impact the theatre of the 2020’s (the next ten or so years)? This may include the effects of COVID, the Black Lives Matter movement (and the drive to empower voices that have previously been marginalized), political polarization, or ANY other social/political/cultural shift you care to bring into the discussion.
6) What did you learn that most surprised you about the plays studied in this course?

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