Write a final paper on below topic proposed by the student (3,500 words): Read:

Write a final paper on below topic proposed by the student (3,500 words):
The “Introduction,” pp. 1-3, and Chap. 1, “MAKING HISTORY: What do We Expect From the Past,” in Rowan Williams, Why Study the Past, pp. 4-31. Note that the supporting endnotes are found beginning at p. 159.
What is History
What is Religion
History of Religion and Revelation
Required Textbooks:
Why Study the Past: The Quest for the Historical Church, Rowan Williams. Eerdmans. 2005. ISBN 978-0-8028-2990-0.
The Medieval Church: From the Dawn of the Middle Ages to the Eve of the Reformation. Carl A. Volz. Abingdon Press. 1997. ISBN 978-0-687-00604-5.
Course descriiption: In this course we will critically read and discuss significant documents and texts that reflect the persistent struggle between the church and the developing secular powers in Europe for dominance in political, economic, and cultural affairs, beginning with the rise of Christianity in the Late Roman Empire and extending through the Renaissance and early Reformation (roughly 400 – 1550 c.e.). Our directed readings will focus on the inter-relatedness of climatic and natural forces, of historical events and movements, of new and alternative political philosophies, and of dynamic cultural changes. Throughout attention will be given to how the readings relate to developing attitudes about religious tolerance, intolerance, violence, and persecution, and to changing understandings about the status of women and gender.
Course objectives: At the complete of this course
Students will have developed strategies for reading, understanding, and interpreting unfamiliar documents and texts from earlier times and cultures.
In discussions and written assignments students will demonstrate a mastery of complex ideas reflected in the assigned readings.
Students will have a gained a basic understanding of European History in the Medieval period and the Renaissance as a setting for the intellectual context of the texts they read.
Students will have mastered the basic forms and styles of academic writing, as demonstrated in papers that closely engage specific readings and are free from lexical and grammatical errors.
Class Requirements:
a) Written Work (40%) Student will write 4 short papers (about 1,200 words) over the course of the semester. These papers are designed to develop critical thinking and to develop analytical skills by focusing on specific readings and issues discussed in class.
b) A final paper on a topic proposed by the student and approved by the faculty. (30%) 3,500 words.
c) Class Presentations (30%) Each student will be assigned to guide some of the discussion for two classes during the course. This can mean asking questions of students regarding an assigned reading, as well as responding to questions by faculty. The foundation of your participation should a careful, thoughtful reading of the texts. Much of this material will be unfamiliar, even uncomfortably challenging.

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