With the continued increase in disposable income travel destinations continue to

With the continued increase in disposable income travel destinations continue to rise continued increase in travel equals continued culinary competition for return travellers.
Destination holiday experiences.
Increase in street food vendor experiences
Offering afternoon or evening cooking classes or experiences
Wine tours to promote and compete
Increased desire for local farm to table food experiences
Travel guides, Internet , word of mouth traveller advertising, videos, movies all stimulate travel = stimulated economy
Travel puts pressure on Culinary dining – need to develop unique experiences, need for access to new culinary skills, recipes, foods, techniques, new equipment = increase in availability in community = inc. economy
Culinary tourism through cookbooks = travel and dining experiences = inc in local economy
Travel; guides, brochures, agencies, books etc influence the culinary food and dining expectation
Immigration and emigration for jobs, retirement etc. and the access to world foods will continue to influence culinary food and dining experiences.
– All of these stimulate; travel, economy, growth of dining and dining experiences in all locals and are on the rise all of these increase the; popularity of dining experiences, need for colleges to invest in culinary teachings.
Social media travel and dining experiences continue to increase the need for unique dining experiences fro travellers but also at home – to draw people to there is a strong need for good food and ding experiences you need innovative people with knowledge and skill – Culinary programs local and international need to draw and compete in new era of dining experiences culinary tourism directly impacts local economy intern area economy.
With education, innovation, creativity Culinary Tourism will continue to directly effect the economy.

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