What is required from you and your group? You are required to work with your gro

What is required from you and your group? You are required to work with your group remotely to finish a group presentation slides (minimum of 20 slides) to present an assigned topic-The due date is Dec 5th, 11:59 PM- this will worth (160pts).
In addition, your group will need to write an article summary describing your slides (only one report of ~2 pages per group) to explain what you (as a group) have learned from this research topic- this is worth (40pts)
What are the topics? The group presentations are all MISSION ORIENTED. This means each group will be assigned a planetary body (ex: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and its moons…etc) to search for all different missions, flybys, landed or even failed missions for that planetary body and present it in your slides and article summary.
Here is the assigned topic for each group
Group #2: Mercury Missions
What kind of resources we can use? ALL kinds of resources. These are very interesting rich topics.
You can use the second textbook that is mentioned in your syllabus “Beyond Earth: A CHRONICLE OF DEEP SPACE EXPLORATION, 1958–2016 by Asif A.Siddiqi” https://www.nasa.gov/connect/ebooks/beyond_earth_detail.html
You can use any research papers, Youtube videos, books, NASA website, ESA…etc. However, This work MUST BE ALL IN YOUR OWN WORDS. That means:
– No copying from other presentations, research papers, websites, or other academic assignments.
-No misrepresentation of someone else’s words, ideas, or data as one’s original work.
-No use of any unauthorized materials or information in academic work, records, or programs.
• All group members are required to collaborate to do the work (not only one or two people in the group). I will take any complaints about that seriously from any group members.
What is the Group Presentation Rubric? The rubric will combine the Teammate Participation, Contents (in the slides), Organization and Final look of presentation, article summary.. to determine your final grade for the project.
How can you submit the work when done? One person per the group will send the materials (slides and article summary) to me by email and CC all other group members.
After receiving your group presentation, I will post it on canvas module with the written article, so everyone in the class will be able to read the group presentation and article and they will be able to respond to the discussion constructively.
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