Week 8: Discussion Post – Group 9


Review the information on physical development from lecture, the textbook, and the Yogman2018.pdf  Download Yogman2018.pdfarticle.


Watch this video of a three-year-old skateboarder:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWbIoFrpwTY (Links to an external site.)


Write a paragraph responding to the following questions:

  • What factors may have influenced this childs ability to skate (think about heredity and environmental influences)? 
  • If you were this childs caregiver, would you encourage this behavior? Why or why not?

You paragraph should incorporate at least one quote from the textbook and/or the Yogman2018.pdf  Download Yogman2018.pdfto support your thinking. Remember to cite your source,  and unpack the quotes in your own words. 

Finally: Indicate that you engaged with peers about this topic (or you were the first to post in your group)

  • You might comment on windows (a new idea) and mirrors (something that reflects your own views) you experienced while engaging with a peer (either during class discussion or from reading another person’s post). Another option is to say what the post or class discussion made you wonder, e.g. “I notice so and so said…, which made me made me wonder…” These are options — there are many ways to indicate genuine engagement with your peer’s ideas. 

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