week 3 creative writing response to antropology artilce

In a well-developed, well-organized essay, write about a ritual within your own culture from an outsider’s perspective. Try to envision the activities and customs as though you are witnessing the practice for the first time and trying to wrap your head around their significance to the "local" culture. Be imaginative, but K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, Simon). Preparing for a prom, try-outs for a team or theatre group, doing yardwork, or preparing a special dish are but a few examples of everyday activities that could seem bizarre to someone not of your culture.

ALTERNATELY, you may choose a behaviour/custom/trend in the United States that you think is foolish or faulty and write a formal report in the same style as Miner and Hughes. Your job is to help your reader see the fault or silliness of your subject matter, before he/she even figures out what your trying to do!

Examine the way developed his report on the Nacirema people. Look to the group notes we took leading up to Wednesday’s class and during the class for the sly ways he masked his work in full sight of his audience.

MLA basic format for setting up the document:

Loretta Daniel (your name, not mine)

Professor Daniel

English 122-20

12 February 2022

Your Original Title for Your Masterpiece

Try to have fun with this assignment.

Remember that you are taking Miner’s role in your essay. You are narrating as though you are an outsider looking in at and describing an activity that is strange to them (but is actually familiar to you as the essay writer).

TOPIC: Cheerleading 

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