Using your lab results, write a 2 page analysis that provides an assessment of s

Using your lab results, write a 2 page analysis that provides an assessment of security auditing methods found in the labs and the reading. You should identify a minimum of three methods as well as specifying what element the security auditing method relates to, such as detection of security violations, detection of misuse of resources, and creating an audit trail. For example, an audit might discover that one of the company’s firewall devices is not correctly configured, which makes that control useless. The mitigation action would be to reconfigure the firewall to comply with the company’s security policy.
Unit 6 Assignment: Security Audits
Outcomes addressed in this activity:
Unit Outcomes:
Discover appropriate cybersecurity standards.
Relate cyber risks or vulnerabilities to effective security solutions.
Course Outcomes:
Relate cybersecurity risk or vulnerabilities to effective security solutions.
Incorporate data, inferences, and reasoning to solve problems.
Security audits are an ongoing practice that periodically assesses the overall security of the network. All network assets must be identified, then the organization’s security policy must be reviewed. A security architecture review analyzes the specific controls and technologies that are currently in use. A risk assessment is also done to determine risks as well as their possible impact on the network. Other audits, such as firewall configuration and pen testing, should also be done to adequately determine the organization’s genuine security stance. The key to benefitting from security audits is to do them regularly in order to adapt to a rapidly changing security landscape.
Assignment Instructions
Create an analysis assessing a minimum of three security auditing methods discovered in your lab results and the reading. Feel free to include more methods in your analysis, but three should be the minimum. Be sure to note whether the security auditing method is specific to a physical on-premises component or a cloud/virtual component. Following your security auditing analysis, provide 2–3 pages of discussion that includes a description of the security auditing methods, how each of the methods relates to risk for the organization, and how each method mitigates that risk.
The minimum page count is 2–3 pages (excluding title page, etc.). If you require more pages to thoroughly discuss the identified methods, then include them. Your paper should use Times New Roman 12-point font, be double spaced, and use correct APA formatting (title page and reference page). Be sure to use proper APA in-text citations that match your reference list.
In accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy, your assignment will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn. The policy states that papers submitted for credit in any course should contain less than 25% non-original material, so avoid large sections of direct quotes and be sure that you use APA formatting to properly cite and reference all non-original material.
Assignment Requirements
The analysis provides a detailed assessment of a minimum of three security auditing methods identified from the labs and the reading.
The descriptive section of the analysis is a minimum of 2–3 pages of content (excluding title page, etc.) and uses Times New Roman 12-point font, is double spaced, and uses correct APA formatting (title page and reference page).
No spelling errors.
No grammar errors.
No APA style errors.
For more information on APA style formatting, refer to the resources in the Academic Tools area of this course.
Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.

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