Using * Jones, S. H., Smith, G., Mulligan, L. D., Lobban, F., Law, H., Dunn, G.,

* Jones, S. H., Smith, G., Mulligan, L. D., Lobban, F., Law, H., Dunn, G., Welford, M., Kelly, J., Mulligan, J., & Morrison, A. P. (2015). Recovery-focused cognitive-behavioural therapy for recent-onset bipolar disorder: randomised controlled pilot trial. The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science, 206(1), 58–66.
* Leopold, K., Bauer, M., Bechdolf, A., Correll, C. U., Holtmann, M., Juckel, G., Lambert, M., Meyer, T. D., Pfeiffer, S., Kittel-Schneider, S., Reif, A., Stamm, T. J., Rottmann-Wolf, M., Mathiebe, J., Kellmann, E. L., Ritter, P., Krüger-Özgürdal, S., Karow, A., Sondergeld, L. M., Roessner, V., … Pfennig, A. (2020). Efficacy of cognitive-behavioral group therapy in patients at risk for serious mental illness presenting with subthreshold bipolar symptoms: Results from a prespecified interim analysis of a multicenter, randomized, controlled study. Bipolar disorders, 22(5), 517–529.
Write a narrative that will interpret statistics
and talk about the disease in the intervention.
The main question is: Compared
to adolescents with bipolar disorder who participate in cognitive behavioral
therapy are adolescents who do not receive this intervention at increased risk
of a manic episode?
The statistics should highlight incidence, prevalence,
disparity, attack rate, case-fatality, etc. Make sure you use in-text citations
(the author’s name and publication year in parenthesis if you are using APA
format). For the last part of the assignment, you are going to write about a
chart, table, or graph. You have to do a screenshot on your computer and then
edit the image to a manageable size to be inserted into your paper as a
picture. However, you choose to go about saving the image, you must include it
in your Word document and provide 2-3 sentences in your own words, interpreting
the data, and converting the information into a meaningful message.
-Picture of table, chart or graph

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