Upload a revised draft of your paper below. Your draft submission #2 should incl

Upload a revised draft of your paper below. Your draft submission #2 should include:
a working title for your project
a clear thesis;
sufficient background information (contextualization) and details to help the reader understand the problem, issue, or question you are addressing;
integration of different disciplinary insights;
research, argument and critical analysis; and appropriate use of scholarly research and referenced material.
a conclusion that explains the big “takeaways” from what you’ve just presented in your paper and where researchers might next find useful avenues to explore (ie: where do we go from here?).
a bibliography, correctly formatted according to MLA, APA, or Chicago Style;
This project should be anywhere from 1500-2500 words (6-10 pages), not including the bibliography.
Important note: The most obvious and consistent mistakes I saw in nearly everyone’s work on draft #1 is related to your research and citations
1) Be sure you’re properly citing in-text, according to whatever citation method you choose, and make sure you have a properly formatted Works Cited (or bibliography) page. This is non-negotiable and should be the #1 priority in your revision. The Capstone Project Assignment page has resources linked for you to use if you need help with citations. And I urge all of you to visit the Writing Center to receive help at any point, if you’re finding that you’re struggling with this.
2) Additionally, make sure you’re providing evidence for your claims. Once you’ve provided scholarly proof that supports your statement, you can then move into offering your own insights and informed assessments about that statement. In a college-level research project, you cannot set up the premise of your argument with opinions, common sense truisms, or generalized statements without evidence and research to support these statements. You may be stating something that everyone knows is true, but in a research paper, you have to show the reader that you have read and informed yourself and that you’re speaking from a well-researched position; otherwise, you’re essentially just writing a blog for an informal audience. Your audience for this project is an academic audience.

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