United States governent questions

You should be familiar with how appointed judges compare to elected officials and the role of judicial review in U.S. government. Answer the series of questions. Then, analyze how the U.S Supreme Court used judicial review in a recent decision.

1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
a. How is the role of an appointed judge in government different from an elected official?
b. How is the role of an appointed judge in government similar to that of an elected official?
c. Do you think federal judges should be elected? Explain why or why not.
2. Find a recent U.S. Supreme Court case decision.(whatever you want) Read about the case, and then answer the following questions:
a. What is the name of the case and date decided?
b. What was the role of judicial review in this case? Explain in complete sentences.
c. What did the Court decide? Use complete sentences to explain the factors that led to the Courts decision.
3. Now answer the following two questions:
1) Imagine the state of Michigan is considering a bill that would eliminate teens’ ability to obtain a restricted driver’s license at age 15 and would increase the minimum age for a regular driver’s license from 16 to 18 years. The American Automobile Association publishes an article on its website about the proposed policy. In a well-written paragraph, explain what their position would most likely be on the idea and what actions they might take to get it passed or not passed.
2) “Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.”James Madison In at least two paragraphs, discuss the meaning and how this quote supports or rejects one of the following principles-limited government, natural rights, or separation of powers.

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