Unit 6 Assignment: Strategic Alignment


I need assitance with writing a paper for a gradaute level project management course. I’ve attached the instructions and sources.


Unit 6 Final: Summative Project -Strategic Alignment

In this final, you will be assessed basedon the following Outcome:

GM591-5: Integrate processgroups and knowledge areas in project development.

You will also demonstrate your mastery of the previous courseoutcomes in this final:

GM591-1: Determine thefeasibility of projects.

GM591-2: Apply processgroups to project life cycles.

GM591-3: Formulate aportfolio of projects to meet organizational strategic goal.

GM591-4: Conduct projectselection processes.

In this final, you will have the opportunity to combinestrategic management and project management skills. Please note that companiesshould only launch projects that have both mission- and vision-fit. Whenworking on the requirements, feel free to use tools, templates, and techniquesthat best satisfy the deliverables. The goal is to initiate a project that hasa high probability of success.

You were recently hired as a project manager by Best CareHealth (BCH). You impressed the hiring committee because of your experiencemanaging HIPAA-related projects. The leaders at BCH are progressive, and theyare committed to being pioneers in the field of telemedicine, which pertains tothe diagnosis and treatment of patients by using telecommunications technology.

BCH operates 43 hospital campuses across the United States,and all these facilities are in rural areas. To make care more accessible toits patients, BCH wants to launch the telemedicine option as soon as possible.

Mission Statement: BestCare Health (BCH) is to provide quality, innovative, and accessible medicalcare to individuals residing in the areas that we service.

Vision Statement: Weare committed to becoming the hospital of choice for the communities we serve,and we embrace innovative technologies that enhance the health care services weprovide.

Given that the telemedicine project is new to BCH, pleaseperform the following:

  • Create the business case: documented feasibility study confirming the value of launching the project; includes objectives for project initiation.
  • Create the statement of work: narrative description of the products, services, or results delivered by the project.
  • Create the project charter: document issued by the sponsor to formally authorize the existence of the project, and gives project manager the authority to secure organizational resources to conduct the required activities.
  • Create a Milestone Chart: document showing major deliverables expected by the customer from start-to-finish of the project (consider deliverables in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing).
  • Create a high-level budget: includes funds for people, equipment, technology, facilities, supplies, and so on. Given budget is preliminary, it may have a rough order of magnitude ranging from -25% to +75%.


NOTE: Pleaseconduct research to find the right sources, materials, and templates that areappropriate for your project. The goal is for you to ensure the project isaligned with the mission and vision of the organization. It is acceptable foryou to create your own artifacts, such as a project charter that meets yourrequirements.



  • Title page formatted in current APA style with the following information: Title of the paper, your name, course number and section number, and date.
  • Include a table of contents using the following headers: Executive Summary, Introduction (35 sentences including thesis statement), Project Overview, Analysis of Project (Assess the core project concept. Determine the costs and benefits of the project. Assess if the project scope, risk, and strategy was defined clearly.), Recommendation and Course of Action, Conclusion (48 sentences stating your recommended solutions in terms of project management techniques and tools), and References.
  • A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited according to current APA formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations.
  • The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 600800 words from the Executive Summary to the end of your Conclusion.



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