UIC College of Pharmacy offers numerous scholarships for new students. Please br

UIC College of Pharmacy offers numerous scholarships for new students. Please briefly explain why a scholarship would benefit you and include any of your attributes that would benefit the UIC College of Pharmacy. What past or current leadership, service, or professional contributions would set you apart from other applicants? By completing this essay question, you will be automatically considered for any new student scholarships.
UIC College of Pharmacy students come from all types of communities, from urban to rural and everything in between. Although you may not have perceived your childhood as challenging at the time, when reflecting about your background compared to your peers applying to pharmacy school, were there any challenges associated with your geographic area of upbringing (e.g. rural or inner city)? If yes, how have you shown resilience in overcoming those challenges. Please explain.
The UIC College of Pharmacy values many different aspects of student diversity, including beliefs, culture, identity, values, or disability, and factors such as being a parent, being a non-traditional or first generation college student, being raised in a single parent household, or being a veteran or active military personnel. What unique or special factors would you contribute?
Some students at UIC have faced hardships related to health, family, disability, financial, socio-economic, or refugee status, etc. What hardships or obstacles (other than what may have been stated in question 1), if any, have you encountered as you pursue your professional and educational goals?

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