Traditional supply chains

In this individual assignment students are required to research one of the five traditional supply chains options provided by the instructor.  After proper investigation each student will prepare an essay addressing the following:
1. From your research provide a general “supply chain flow chart” showing the major players for the selected supply chain as you understand them.  You could identify the role
    that each player holds in the supply chain.  (1/2 a page)
2. Select one of the supply chain players (the one you have the most information from or you understand better) and in a few paragraphs write your opinion, regarding which general              performance goals would probably be of interest in the selected player’s, business strategy and why.  (1/2 a page single space)  
3. Describe how the selected supply chain player’s business strategy and goals as you described them above, in your opinion, could impact their supply strategy, supply goals and the            supply process steps.  (1 page single space)
4. From your research, describe how the selected supply chain evolved through time, how was it impacted by innovation and technology & finally describe any impact, in your opinion, the      selected supply chain has made in the economy, society and/or historical events.  (1 page single space)

(See Supply Chain Options for Research in attached Excel File)

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