This is an individual assessment and any work that strongly resembles another st

is an individual assessment and any work that strongly resembles another
student’s work (either from this semester or previous semesters) will receive a
zero grade in the relevant criteria.
Consumer Research Document
The purpose of Assessment 1 is to demonstrate
your ability to thoroughly investigate the target audience that relates to the
brief. The challenge here is to decide
what information is important and relevant.
This project requires an extensive
amount of work. Each week during the
lecture and in the tutorials, specific sections of this report will be
addressed and explained; therefore, it is vital that students attend lectures
as well as tutorials.
The information that you present in
this assessment must be supported by credible sources (e.g., Roy Morgan data,
Australian Bureau of Statistics data, academic journals, and industry
publications). You will be evaluated on
your ability to research information, to analyse the information and present it
in an easily understandable manner.
Your information is to be presented in
PowerPoint format. You have a maximum of 25 slides provide your research
information (approximately 2,000 words) and it is expected that you will used
graphs and charts to demonstrate large amounts of information.
Your consumer research document
consists of the following.
1.Target Audience analysis (15 marks)
Using information from Roy Morgan
data, ABS, and other credible sources you are to provide a demographic and
psychographic profile of the consumers that you are aiming to reach.
This is your chance to show that you
understand the target audience. Make
sure that you provide an overview of that shows what is important to them? Where do they live? What are their media habits and how will this
influence your media strategy? You will
identify your target audience using psychographic and demographic profiles and
use tools such as Autobiography, A day in the Life and Pictography to
illustrate your target audience. You are to consider the customer path to
purchase and barriers to purchase and how this will impact your media
approach. You will provide details of
this target audience’s media imperatives and explain their media usage. The
ability to analyse the data is important here.
Make sure that you consider the implications of the information rather
than providing information for the sake of it. (Max 15 slides)
2. Product and Market Analysis (5 marks)
In this section you are to provide
relevant research that provides information about the product. You are to
provide a description of the product and the product category and identify key
issues which may influence your media selection and plan. Using Roy Morgan data and other resources you
provide analysis of the product. You are to provide a brief SWOT analysis and
the possible influence of PEST (Political, economic, social and technology).
This information must be based on your research and you must be able to cite where
your findings come from. You are to
indicate the relevant points that may have an influence on your media selection
and plan. (Max 5 slides)
3. Observations and Insights (15 marks)
From the market analysis, product
analysis and target audience analysis you are to provide observations that form
a creative and overarching key insight. You are to consider how this insight
might be used as part of an advertising approach. Does this insight impact your media approach
or your creative options?
This insight is to form the starting
point for your media strategy which will be presented in Week 13. The insight
should be creative and be based on your findings and observation. Make sure you justify why this insight is
relevant to this target audience. Developing creative and relevant insights is
often the area that students find most challenging, so we run a workshop on how
to develop creative insights. (Max 2 slides)
4. Inclusion of evidence (10 marks)
This section is graded on how well you
justify and support your findings across the assessment. Make sure that you don’t just provide
information for no reason. Make sure
that the information that you provide is from credible sources (both academic
and industry sources) and that you reference the source. When grading this section, we are looking at
the variety of sources and the credibility of sources.
5. Presentation (5 marks)
Throughout the document you are
expected to provide data to support your findings and correctly use APA
referencing. You are expected to utilise
graphs and charts to illustrate some of your findings, but they must be
relevant to your insights. Your
PowerPoint deck should contain an introduction, conclusion and reference list.
(Max 3 slides)

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