This work does not require many words as far as I understand, just needs good an

This work does not require many words as far as I understand, just needs good and correct information.
below are the instructions for the assignment and the assignment
come with 2 part
For U1-L5 part: This is the chart to input your recipe modifications. You will notice that the “ingredients” column is not divided as you can input any amount of ingredients you want. Remember, less is more!
All of the conversion elements of the assignment have been practiced in lessons prior. Use this activity as practice for your upcoming unit test where the recipe may get more complex.
For U2-L2 part: For this assignment, we will be conducting another recipe makeover similar to the assignment done in Unit 1 Lesson 5. However, this time you will be required to take any recipe and change it to a vegan or vegetarian dish. After going through both parts of our lesson, you will be provided with sufficient knowledge on what vegetarians eat and what foods are available to supplement for meat, fish, and milk based products.
You are required to submit a picture of the food (this would be before it was redesigned by you), a 6 point list in the middle of the document of reasons why people choose to become vegetarian or vegan, and finally the newly transformed recipe along with the original which can be scanned or a link can be posted online where you retrieved the recipe from.
In addition, feel free to use your own recipe!
Cite sources where appropriate
If still not clear, example and explanation video can be provided

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