This week, you will submit a draft poster presentation of your theoretical resea

This week, you will submit a draft poster presentation of your theoretical research study.
Your final project is based upon the work you’ve done all semester. This project is the culmination of your research question, your literature reviews, your sampling methods and study design, as well as your questions from your questionnaire. Each weekly assignment adds to your final project. All of that information should be included on the poster.
Restate your research question.
List and include your sampling/methods, questionnaire and other relevant elements from previous weeks’ assignments.
Choose a professional association with an upcoming conference and determine the requirements for a poster presentation. Here are some examples of associations for which you can review their conference poster presentation requirements:
(Links to an external site.)IDSA
(Links to an external site.)SHEA
(Links to an external site.)ID Week
(Links to an external site.)APHA
(Links to an external site.)AACN
(Links to an external site.)AORN
(Links to an external site.)If you have other healthcare associations that you prefer to use, that is fine, too.
For the selected association, determine how well your poster presentation meets their requirements, and discuss this in your Week 8 video presentation.
Create a draft submission for the conference you choose using one of these poster templates:
Poster Template 1 Download Poster Template 1
Poster Template 2 Download Poster Template 2
Poster Template 3
Download Poster Template 3
Be sure that your poster is easily readable and visually appealing with engaging graphical elements such as graphs or figures. It is easiest to create the poster in Powerpoint – as one slide; use one of the templates provided, but feel free to arrange the content as you see fit. The more content you include from your assignments, your text readings, and even the NIH online training course, the better.

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