This is a case-study based paper, displaying that local cultural practices act a

This is a case-study based paper, displaying that local cultural practices act as an obstacle in implementing an international protocol that may be best in practice.
You are expected to write about a real case (OR create an imaginary scenario) that displays an anthropological perspective. The scenario I would like to be written about includes a case related to the “courts” and “politics” in a given country known for its diversity and diverse practices. For example, a citizen living in “A” country but is of “B” descent may face issues in the courtroom and court processes. If ethnicity appears to be a determinant (or a larger social influence) in courtroom procedures, it would be highly likely for the ‘A’ descent  ‘B’ citizens to seek for a judge of his own descent and manipulate the judicial process. Additionally, please expand on how fieldworkers should also consider that there are other minority groups, which could be regarded as “less serious threat” to the dominant group or groups in a country, and therefore one should never ignore the possible variations of official attitudes toward different ethnic minority groups in that country.
After discussing the real or imaginative case study, please focus on exactly who these cultural specifics impair international protocol. Additionally, demonstrate how you would prepare researchers who are working with these problematic factors of their study. Providing great detail on the case itself and mentioning cultural relativism would be useful in doing so.

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