This assignment requires you to build on your coursework 1 and produce an expand

This assignment requires you to build on your coursework 1 and produce an expanded, in-depth international marketing strategy for Booja-Booja (refer to case Expanding Booja-Booja internationally given in the coursework 1 brief and also available for download on Blackboard). The focus of the strategy is on developing an internationally-coherent brand positioning concept for Booja-Booja, to enable it to build brand awareness on an international level, and making tactical recommendations for marketing Booja-Booja across its focal markets of interest. For the purpose of this assignment, you should choose one market as follows: one country in Europe (any country in Western or Eastern Europe, but not the UK or Germany and it should be different from the one covered in your group assignment).
You have been employed by Booja-Booja as an international marketing consultant who has been assigned to:
1. Produce an in-depth analysis of macro and micro environmental factors that may influence Booja-Booja’s success in the focal market. This analysis should draw from the case study, market/industry reports and academic literature to inform and support your recommendations. Going beyond the recommended (core and optional) literature sources and conducting your own research is strongly encouraged. As in coursework one, given the focus of the module a key expectation is that your macro-environment analysis will examine cultural environment conditions when analysing sociocultural component of macro-environment.
2. Consider different culture based brand positioning strategies available, discussing their advantages and disadvantages in the context of Booja-Booja, followed by justified recommendations of the optimal strategy for Booja-Booja. In particular, you are encouraged to evaluate GCCP, FCCP and LCCP positioning strategies, and identify which one of these, or a hybrid you recommend as optimal. You are encouraged to consider how your recommendations for Booja-Booja’s positioning reflect the brand’s unique selling points and values.
3. Produce detailed and justified recommendations on the marketing mix taking into account positioning strategy you recommend.

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