This assignment consists of an individual report. YOUR TASK: I had a meeting wi

This assignment consists of an individual report.
I had a meeting with Thompson, a new client of the firm. Thompson is 55 years who has no knowledge of the UK tax system.
He is resident, ordinarily resident and domiciled in the UK. He is considering whether to operate as self –employed or to work for another company.
He is also unaware of the different types of the UK tax systems and administration operated by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and customs.
You are required:
In view of the HMRC administrative system,
• Briefly discuss the structure and functions of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom’s (HMRC) which is the organisation responsible for the organisation of the UK tax system to the client. (20 marks)
• Critically reflect and discuss the overall function and purpose of taxation in the UK economy. (20 marks)
• Discuss and differentiate between tax avoidance and tax evasion and the purpose of the General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR), the implications on the client and the government. ( 20 marks)
• Reflect and discuss the need for an ethical and professional approach to a tax accountant to Thompson. ( 20 marks)
• Presentation and structure (Introduction, conclusion/recommendation & reference) ( 20 marks)
Total marks for this assignment is 100
End of Assignment Brief
This individual assignment must show cohesion in analysis and development. It must be your own work with supporting evidence from the literature appropriately acknowledged. Also a match between your in text citation and bibliography must be maintained, consistent with Harvard style. Please note, plagiarism does not only exhibit lack of academic discipline BUT constitutes a serious offence!
Note: You should structure your answer in a Report format.
Your report should include:
• Title Page
• The title page must include the following:
• The Title of the coursework: In this case, Application of the UK tax system.
• Student number: your NAME must NOT appear in the report
• Course name and year of submission.
• Executive Summary (No more than 50 words)
• Contents Page -This page lists the main parts of the report, together with their page numbers.
• Introduction – A quick overview of the UK tax issues. In addition, the structure of the report should be identified.
• Main body, should also be organised under appropriate headings and sub-headings
• Conclusion & recommendations
• Appendices, which should be numbered.
• Make sure you refer your reader to them as required.
• Word count; excluding appendices and references list.
• Bibliography using Harvard Referencing conventions.
The word count of 1000 words will not include the title page, executive summary, contents page or bibliography.
It is important that you show knowledge of key debates within the literature on the UK tax system. Also, it is strongly advised that you are critical in your writing and ensure a good level of integration and coherence in applying theories. Please work on, and ensure an excellent level of criticality, coherence, and flow of your report. This will require effective discussion and clarity.
Please note that a significant amount of the marks are awarded on the basis of wider reading, critical and logical presentation, quality of argument, referencing, academic integrity and academic writing conventions.

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