Then, Collect 10 social media content examples from a business across 3 communic

Then, Collect 10 social media content examples from a business across
3 communication vehicles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
You will include these content examples in an appendix at the end of your report, so I would recommend you use the Snipping Tool (or print screen button) and paste a picture of each content example in your report
Be sure to label each content example separately in your appendix
“Current Facebook Post #1”
“Current Twitter Tweet #3”
The appendix needs to be at the end of your report and does not count towards your page limit
You will need to write 4-5 pages where you summarize, analyze, critique, and compare and contrast your company’s current social media efforts. Be sure to use textbook terminology and refer to textbook concepts and models.
Next, for the business, create 5 new social media content examples that you would recommend based on a rationale from a new strategic direction.
The artwork doesn’t have to be perfect, just hand sketches or your own photos. DO NOT USE OTHERS’ IMAGES. This content needs to be original to you.
All of the copy also needs to be new and original
These will also go in the appendix and not count towards your page limit
Be sure to label each one of these with a heading
“New Tweet #1”
“New YouTube Video Storyboard #2”
Write another 4-5 pages where you include in this section a discussion of a new strategy. This should include new objectives, desired effects, target audience, big idea, etc., to support the new content you created.
So, your completed paper should be about 8-10 pages of writing with an attached appendix
When you are finished, upload your completed assignment by its due date. As it states in your syllabus, late reports will be penalized.
This current events summary paper is worth 100 points towards your final grade
Final Paper – Suggested Topics to Cover
Current 10 social media content examples
New Social Media Marketing Strategy
Desired effects/Hierarchy of effects
Target audience
Brand positioning/Perceptual mapping
Unique selling proposition/ Featured brand attribute
Creative Brief
Big idea
Tone of voice/message formula
Copy headline/underline/body copy/tagline/slogan
Color scheme
Font selections
Art layout & design
Media Plan
Social media platform selections & rationale
Social media posting schedule (monthly calendar)
5 New Advertisements
Appendix (10 current ads; 5 new ads)

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