The student will submit a 3-page analysis of an article (5 pages including Title

The student will submit a 3-page analysis of an article (5 pages including Title Page and References) that cites an example of unethical behavior as related to corporate or an individual’s behavior in the use of data and/or manipulation of data. The analysis should include a summary of the article, the student’s analysis of the ethical problems presented in the article, and how the topic relates to a biblical worldview
Article (Facebook will pay an unprecedented $5 billion penalty over privacy breaches)
1. Can you identify and name the perpetrators of the incident (individual or organization)
a. Facebook
2. Are there benefits to perpetrators, or incentive to commit the act?
a. Facebook’s lack of trust for the third-party Facebook app developers publicly exposed user’s data for all to see who were to blame for the leak. This includes:
1. account names
2. ID’s
3. details about comments and reaction posts
4. DOB’s
5. photos
6. location check-ins
7. unprotected passwords
3. Is this incident report by reputable and credible news sources with the last three years?
a. The source is credible “CNN Business” news; Yes, the news source is within the last three years. The Yahoo breached story took place in 2019.
4. Was the victim organization in legal custody or owner of damaged/stolen data or technology?
a. The organization is the victim in legal custody against the third-party app developers and paying a hefty fine to the FTC due to the enormity of their admitted mistakes.
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