The purpose of this assignment is for students to research a topic of their choi

The purpose of this assignment is for students to research a topic of their choice specifically related to sustainable tourism. The essay will include 1500-1750 words, which should include a minimum of five (5) academic references.
Here are a couple of links that should help you with the essay that you are hoping to write.
Descriptive Essay
Research Paper
Here are some General Guidelines for how I evaluate Descriptive and Research Essays. Please note, this is not a rubric. There’s not equation for how much you should write for how many marks. Overall, I’m looking for a clearly defined topic that is discussed with some critical thinking. In other words, there should be some thought given to the good/bad or pros/cons of the topic. Information should then be presented as such.
The questions provided below are just guiding questions and should not be seen as the only questions that you need to answer for your essay.
Topic – is the topic clearly defined. Is there adequate context and history present.
What is the issue that is being discussed. Is there adequate context and history presented.
Are there any sources of information being drawn upon? What are they?
How are these sources integrated into the text and discussion?
What are the pros and/or cons of the issues presented? What is the stance of the paper?
Again – is adequate context and support being provided?
Discussion/Conclusion – What is the student trying to say overall? Are there any recommendations for further research? Are there any goals or potentials that are being advocated for?
Overall – how much thought has been put into this essay. Is there a depth of thought being demonstrated versus just provided surface and superficial information.

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