The major goal of this course was to provide a comprehensive introduction to the

The major goal of this course was to provide a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of the SOCIOLOGY OF GAMBLING in America today. This course offered you a balanced and up-to-date overview of who gamblers and gambling professionals are and what they do, the problems they face, and the many reforms and innovations that have taken place in the “world of gambling.” In addition, this course challenged you to analyze your own values, attitudes and beliefs regarding GAMBLING. It also provided you with differing “sociological perspectives” of GAMBLING. Where does gambling “fit” in our culture? So what did you learn?? Presumably, you know more today about the SOCIOLOGY OF GAMBLING than you did in August when the course began. The focus of this FINAL Writing Assignment is for you to document what you have learned about GAMBLING in all these weeks. Look at it this way: this Holiday season 2021, you are on a ZOOM call or at a party with friends and relatives. In your conversations regarding “how your life is going?” the subject of school comes up. In addition to the COVID-19 conversations and your discussions about remote learning, your friend or relative will ask “What classes did you take?” You will respond “I took this really cool class called THE SOCIOLOGY OF GAMBLING.” They will respond, “Wow, that sounds interesting. . .what was the class about??” Here is where you get your chance to show off!! NOW FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, SHOW OFF TO ME AS YOU WOULD THAT FRIEND OR RELATIVE!! There is no limit to your work. It should include a pretty good outline of all you have learned during the course. YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED MUCH. please take a look at the material attachments, its a compilation of all of my assignments from this semester and maybe just summarize them all. Please confirm your understanding of the project thanks

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