The last appeal of convicted murderer Wanda Jean

Please watch the 2002 HBO documentary The Execution of Wanda Jean about 

the last appeals of convicted murderer  Wanda Jean Allen in Oklahoma.

The film particularly brings up the issue of executing the intellectually disabled. 

Do you think Wanda Jean was intellectually disabled? 

If she was intellectually disabled, was she morally culpable for her crime? 

What role, if any, do you think her race and sexual orientation played in her punishment and 

appeal process?

Should it have mattered that the victims family had forgiven Wanda and did not 

want the state to pursue the death penalty?  Why or why not? 

Compare and contrast the concepts of moral culpability and criminal culpability. Use

specific examples that illustrate the distinction between these two terms.

Please look up the McNaughten Rule and discuss how it does or does not apply here. The film can be 

viewed using this link:

Please be sure to cite the film and any applicable outside sources.

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