“The Death of Expertise” Chapter 1 – 2 (SEE PROMPT BELOW)

The Death of Expertise "Quiz" 1 – through Chapters 2

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"Quiz" 1 – The Death of Expertise                                                                                                                                                                 

As you move more into your original research projects, you need to truly consider the idea of expertise and how you evaluate it.  Importantly, this means becoming aware of the limitations and pitfalls in research — things like mis/disinformation, confirmation bias, and so on.


Free write a response to the following prompt.  You may use your books and notes because you should aim to incorporate at least two-three brief passages (quoted and / or paraphrased) from the text for support of your answer, utilizing correct in-text citation that includes a parenthetical note with page number.  No Works Cited page is needed UNLESS you consult any other sources – online or otherwise. 


While you should always be practicing college-level , professional-grade writing  attempts with good grammar, mechanics, sentence structures, and paragraph structures, your “free write” will not be primarily evaluated on those elements.  Rather, it will be evaluated based on content and support of the response.  Use the space below and the back of this paper to write – or other / additional paper.  You should plan on no more than 25-30 minutes for this response



According to Nichols, why is expertise “dying”?  How is the Information Age contributing?  How and why is dialog and argument challenged? And among whom?  What do you think of his ideas and observations thus far?


Remember, this time you need to incorporate 2-3 pieces of textual evidence to support your responses.  These responses should stem primarily from Nichols points with the majority of your writing focused on that particular text.  However, you should spend a little time sharing your response as directed in the above prompt.  Remember, your goal is to demonstrate reading comprehension, understanding of the key concepts and arguments Nichols makes, use of evidence from the book, and clean and clear writing in the delivery of your responses.  Your research projects should echo the lessons of the book, in terms of understanding expertise and quality research.

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