“The complexity of financing in health care is one of the primary characteristic

“The complexity of financing in health care is one of the primary characteristics of medical care delivery in the United States” (Shi & Singh, 2012, p. 129). There are numerous reimbursement methods (e.g., capitation, fee-for-service, package pricing, etc.) that are used by health care organizations and providers to get paid for the health care services that they provide. Building upon your Individual Project from Unit 1, write a 3-5 page paper, not including a title page and reference page that contains the following:
Summarize 3 different reimbursement methods that are used by health care providers and organizations.: THIRD PARTY, BUNDLE PAYMENTS, VALUE-BASED
Choose which method(s) will work best for the health care facility that you have proposed to be developed, and explain why you chose that method(s). THIRD-PARTY REIMBURSEMENTS
Discuss the pros and cons of the reimbursement method(s) that you chose.
Discuss the impact that the method(s) may have on the financial operations of the facility that you chose.
Note: You should include a minimum of 3 references, properly cited in APA format.
NOTE: Below is a copy of my initial Essay. This Assignment is a continuation of this current Assignment.
Proposal for the Development of Living Well Urgent Care and Outpatient Surgery Center
Healthcare Management Capstone
Unit 1 Individual Project
Because healthcare in the United States is changing at a high rate, healthcare organizations are beginning to reorganize how patient care has been given in the past, to improve patient outcomes, improve efficiency, and quality care. Technology trends are currently offering ways to advance healthcare. and to increase value in healthcare. My proposal is to implement an advanced healthcare system that will promote efficiency and quality care within an environment that will facilitate health and wellness.
The type of facility that I am recommending is one that will meet the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities. Living Well Urgent Care and Outpatient Surgery Center’s focus will primarily be to give excellent care and to educate the community about healthy living and prevention. The collaboration between the community residents and the healthcare leaders can address health needs by stimulating lifestyle changes and increasing healthy behaviors. Our vision is to serve our community and produce exceptional products and services, with the help and dedication of our employees.
According to the American College of Emergency Physicians (2019) urgent care center development is an effective strategy for health systems hoping to decrease Emergency Department utilization for low-acuity conditions at academic medical centers. This helps to avoid delays with care for patients with high-acuity conditions. The business model for the Urgent Care aspect is to treat patients from age two years and up for minor emergency care. The location of the facility will be in a highly-populated area outside of the city limits. Urgent Care centers have become the Starbucks of the healthcare world, (Landau, 2018). Offering multiple specialties will make the facility more competitive.
The initial goal is to employ three Board Certified Family Practice Physicians, one Registered Nurse, two Licensed Practical Nurses, and two Technicians, followed by the ancillary care staff, for the Urgent Care Center. We will incorporate the Outpatient Surgery Center once we meet our financial goals for the Urgent Care Center within six to twelve months. Marketing and branding the facility and its mission will start immediately, and then be followed up with the announcement of the opening of the Outpatient Surgery Center. The Organization can use marketing to promote potential customers about their vision and mission statement
Because of innovations in technology, our plan is to incorporate Robotic surgeries, in specialties such as Cataract Surgery, Ears, Nose, and Throat Surgery, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Cholecystectomy, Breast Biopsy, Lithotripsy, Hysterectomy (Women’s Health procedures), Vasectomy, and Cystoscopy. All surgeons must be Board Certified. Nurses must have ACLS Certification. Our Medical Professionals will be tasked to deliver efficient and effective care that will keep the patients coming back.
The Organization will build a solid foundation, and effectively accomplish employee acceptance to change, customer satisfaction, a good reputation, and meeting financial goals. Tactics such as establishing Customer Expectations, Designing Quality, Defining Metrics, Mistake-Proofing, Kaizen, and Six Sigma are organizational approaches that guide the direction, and implementation method of the organization and management to succeed.
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