The call: You are dispatched to a two vehicle crash on Dusty Road at Second Stre

The call: You are dispatched to a two vehicle crash on Dusty Road at Second Street. There are no injuries and both vehicles pulled off into a private lot near the railroad tracks. Upon arrival, you and your partner (make up their name) split up and talk to the drivers. You speak to the male driver. The other driver of the crash tells you that prior to arrival, the man threw something out from his truck into a bush. He also threw something into the open bed of the truck. As you talk to him about the crash, all he keeps saying is, ‘Its her fault, leave me alone.” You smell a strong odor of intoxicants on his breath, and he is having trouble maintaining balance. You can now watch the video, which will bring you up to speed and start your use of force events.
For this report, you will watch the following video as if you are the officer contact/arresting. The video will represent your actions in this incident, but you will need to complete a detailed report of your use of force to justify your actions. I have included several resources to guide you in your report writing of this report. Considering the magnitude of the incident, this should be one of your finest and most detailed reports submitted thus far.
Video Link:
Suspect Info:
Vehicle: 2007 Nissan Frontier Idaho Plate: 444555
Vehicle: 2007 Kia Sorento IL Plate: 123 777
This report is a little tricky as you become the victim. Why? You will be using your service weapon to shoot at a suspect. This is where your Use of Force research paper comes into play. You need to describe what the suspect’s behavior is and why you did what you did. What was going through your mind? You have a partner in the video (make up whomever you want) describe what the suspect was doing towards your partner. For this report only worry about the driver of the truck don’t worry about the other driver.
You will not have a separate heading for Use of Force, this will all being under the heading Contact with Thomas Armstrong. There are many moving parts to this report don’t get overwhelmed take it step by step. Initial contact with Thomas what was he doing? How was his behavior? Could you smell anything? My advice watch the video multiple times.

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