the arc of monmouth county NJ

Directions: Students will write a report on the human services agency to which they applied for a fieldwork position in Activity 1.  The report will present an overview of the agency, including its history, organizational structure, services provided, size and demographics of population served, funding sources, achievements and challenges, and other relevant information.  If possible to conduct a site visit of the agency in a safe manner, students are encouraged to do so, as well as share their personal reactions, but this not a requirement of the assignments.  Three (3) outside sources should be incorporated into the report. These can include books/textbooks, articles, credible on-line sources and/or literature published by the presenter’s agency. (3- 4 pages double-spaced).

Agency Report Grading Rubric

  • Explains services provided by the agency, population it serves, history, funding sources, and other relevant information, including mission statement, organizational structure and pertinent statistics (25 points)
  • Incorporates research from at least three (3) credible sources (10 points)
  • Demonstrates college level writing (grammar, spelling, page length requirements, etc.) and APA formatting (15 points)

The arc of Monmouth

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