Ted talk analysis review

         —-Rhetorical Analysis Review Questions—-

  * Be sure to create comments and offer at least 2-3 specific suggestions on analysis paper
Review the Introduction
1. What’s the purpose of the work being analyzed? What’s the challenge? 
2. Who is the invoked audience, who is the intended audience? How can this be more specific?
3. What is your peers’ thesis about the rhetorical strategies used by the work? How could it be strengthened or refined to be more specific? (think of this as YOUR purpose).
Review the Body
4. Consider the primary body paragraphs of the essay. Do they all clearly use the “claim-evidence-reasoning” pattern? Give a specific suggestion for how to strengthen the claim, the evidence, or the reasoning for one paragraph.
Review the Conclusion
5. What lesson does the conclusion offer for future communicators? Give one suggestion for how the essay can more effectively explain how we can improve on or effectively use similar rhetorical strategies in other situations.

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