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Review the video link.  Submit a 1-2 page response containing the following analysis.

There are five elements of inquiry-based learning. The five components include:  Essential Questions, Student Engagement, Cooperative Interaction, Performance Evaluation, and Variety of Responses. 

 Was there evidence of any inquiry-base learning component?  Which components were evident?  

Definition of Inquiry-Based Learning 


1. Essential Questions
Lessons begin with a question that sparks curiosity and a sense of wonder.
Students are encouraged to ask questions.
Students know their questions are valued.

2.  Student Engagement
The second aspect of the Inquiry-Based Learning is Student Engagement. This focuses upon students participating in their own learning. Qualities of a learning environment with Student Engagement include:
The teacher becomes a facilitator.
Students are not passively filling in the blanks or answering questions at the end of a chapter, but are involved in creating a unique product that shows their understanding.
Students carry out activities by: using materials, observing, evaluating, and recording information.

3.  Cooperative Interaction
Another element of the Inquiry-Based Learning strategy is that students create their own learning and there is a process in place for doing so. These include:
Students are asked to communicate, work in pairs or groups, discussing ideas.
Students are not in competition with each other. 

4.  Performance Evaluation
Instructors need obviously create instruction that can measure student learning. These will allow the students
to demonstrate their level of understanding. Teachers rely upon the following:
Students creating an end product to communicate their knowledge, such as an essay, video, slide
show, graph, poster, song, or mural.
Products involve the use of higher order thinking.
Scoring Guides (rubrics) are commonly used for evaluation, with students seeing it prior to creating
their product. 

5.  Variety of Resources
Students use multiple resources: textbooks, web sites, videos, posters, experts, etc., to support their learning.
The instructor selects these sources. 

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