Take Home Exam on Emotional Psychology (I will provide the necessary readings as sources)

This exam consists of 4 essay questions, each worth 25 points.  Please answer each question. The essay questions have multiple parts, so your answer will most likely contain multiple paragraphs. But, each essay can be answered in full in 1-2 double-spaced pages or less. In other words, be thorough, but longer does not necessarily equal better. 

Make sure to also clearly reference to what you are referring. For example, do not just say As Shiota and Kalat note but instead point to the page number you are referencing. If you are referring to something that I noted in lecture but you cannot otherwise find it in your readings, make sure to note as clearly as possible what the lectures topic was and to what the slide was referring. Also, as we have discussed in every class so far, please be sure to consider and describe the societal implications of how we conceptualize emotions whenever relevant in your responses. 

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