Subject: Operations Management (This is a discussion post. Please provide a deta

Subject: Operations Management
(This is a discussion post. Please provide a detail response to the discussion topic at Universty Level writing. N0 PLAGIARISM)
Please respond to the following:
Examine your own organization, or the organization of your choice. How is your organization structured (push or pull)? Justify your response.
Respond to classmates’ posts:
Hi Professor and Class,
I can say that as a small business owner of a cleaning service that I use the pull system because we supply whatever the services are that the customer needs when they book. Now, being that we have several regular customers and we know ahead of time what those customers needs/services are and therefore are well prepared to get the job done. So, we have been in business now for two years and in the beginning we did not actually know how it would go and therefore, had to build our client base. Since we have done that we are able to know exactly how much business we will have on a month-to-month basis. With us knowing ahead of time what we will be having in order of business we are able to keep our supplies in stock and we can gage about what we will need to purchase in order to be able to provide services. In order to provide the services that our clients need we have to always be prepared in time-management, through scheduling whether it is electronically with a scheduling app or prepared with the physical resources such as products. Now, there are times when we have to rush to get a certain product that we have “missed” because one did not relay to the other the amount we had left. This can sometimes be aggravating because certain residential clients may only like that product to be used and there is no leeway when it comes to substituting it. This can make it hard, but it makes us see that we must keep up with the demand and so we simply purchase a higher quantity. How often do we shop for products? We purchase larger quantities approximately every two to three months. Luckily one of our largest, regular commercial clients supplies their own cleaning products and all we have to do is clean because it is a church.
I hope that I was able to answer all aspects of this discussion because when choosing between the two I can see how a push organization could possibly go for my business as well.
T. R.

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