Stress & Lifestyle Writing Assignment

Stress management and lifestyle modifications are important factors in patient education. For this assignment, you will write one section about yourself and write one section about another person (participant) of your choice. You will develop a stress management plan for yourself and a stress management plan for your participant.

Develop a paper providing stress management and lifestyle modifications as education. (Please note that while there may be pharmacological options for treatment, this assignment focuses solely on the stress management and lifestyle modifications component.)

Write your paper in two sections: Self and another individual (friend, child, relative, etc.).

For each of the two sections include:

  • Introduce the purpose of the paper and provide a general overview of yourself/subject.
  • Identify the stressors in the persons life. Include information about the stressors being acute or chronic. Does the individual recognize the impact of these stressors?

Select concepts from at least two different chapters. Here are some psychological concepts to consider. You are not limited to these concepts and may select others:

    • How does the stressor(s) impact emotions and motivation?
    • How does the stressor(s) impact cognition, learning, or memory?
    • How does the stressor(s) impact personality?
    • Is there a physiological reaction being caused by the stressor(s)?
  • A minimum of three appropriate lifestyle modification/stress management techniques with full descriptions and supported by theory/scholarly sources. These should be at least one paragraph each, fully detailed as though yourself/subject were reviewing this information for the first time. (You must select different lifestyle modifications for yourself and your subject.) Include information about resources the individual can use (websites, apps, etc.). The resources must be age appropriate.
  • A minimum of one conclusion paragraph using scholarly source(s) to defend the selection of the techniques suggested. Include a discussion about the influences of positive psychology on health and well-being.

(USLOs 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8)

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