Sociology of Family

The book that is needed THE FAMILY by Phillip Cohen Third Edition Chapter

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Forums also allow you to demonstrate the application of sociological concepts and perspectives in your own words and writing. Further, have discussions based on course content and additional outside sources. 

Please answer the following questions in an essay format with ASA citations. Submit your assignment in a PDF via Moodle.

1. What is sexual orientation? How have attitudes towards homosexuality changed in the medical and scientific communities?

2. According to researchers, what is the role of genetics, evolution, and social environment in determining human sexual orientation?

3. How has technology exacerbated the generation gap in perceptions of adolescent sexuality? Why is this gap a problem or policy makers, parents and teenagers?

4. Why have teenage pregnancy rates declined in the last 20 years? 

5. Who is most at risk for HIV/AIDS infections? Why?

Please see the Forum Grading Rubric for complete details.

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