sikh studies

Think about topics of research that we need more work, and how would it benefit Sikh communities and other marginalized communities, students on campus, and the university community. a research question and topic, preliminary sources of research(secondary sources), sources of primary research/data and evidence, description of methods or methodologies, and a plan for dissemination of research.

Your Preliminary Research Proposal/Research Design should contain the following elements: 1.) Project Title: 2.) Names of Project Researchers: 3.) Research Topic: 4.) Research Question/Puzzle/Problem: (You can have a main research question; as well as secondary research questions) 5.) Preliminary (Secondary Research) Literature Review: (Include a bibliography with short annotations on the resources; aim for 10 sources based on library research; peer-reviewed articles and books only. If you are working on this project alone, aim for 5 sources. Use UCI Libraries website and consult with our anthropology librarian, Nicole Carpenter for further help.)6.) Sources of Primary Research/Data/Evidence: (What are the primary sources of evidence you will be collecting? Who or what? Where? Why?)7.) Methods and Methodologies: (Include sites or locations of research, information on research population, time taken to carry out research, roles of researchers, ethical issues such as protecting research participants, etc.) 8.) Plan for Dissemination of Research:(How will this research be shared with publics/communities/university/other researchers)? 9.) Broader Interventions and Contributions: (Why is this research important? What are the broader contributions of this study to Punjab/Diaspora/ Sikh Studies/Asian-American or South Asian American Studies; ethnic studies; anthropology, religious studies or other disciplines, etc. What are its contributions to the
communities or locations being researched? To the university community?)

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