Short answers

Week 8 Resources

Chapter 8
“Dirty Cops and Police Misconduct”
Interview with Modesto, CA Police Chief Mike Harden
Internal Affairs: Protecting the Integrity of the Badge
  • Video Discussion: Good internal affairs practices help protect the integrity of a police department. Correct handling of internal affairs complaints protects both citizens and law enforcement personnel.
Chapter 7
Kerner Plus 40: Change or Challenge: Parts 1 and 2
  • Kerner Plus 40: Change or Challenge
Chapter 6 
20/20: Police Privilege and code of Silence part1
20/20 investigation of police “Code of Silence”—the Blue Wall of Silence
“Dirty Harry—Do You Feel Lucky”
  • Movie cut from the Dirty Harry movie
Reality Training: Encountering a “Suicide by Cop” Situation
  • Video of standoff between police and subject who appears to be armed and with no intention of complying with officers

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