Select an industry and companies within that industry that you would like to ana

Select an industry and companies within that industry that you would like to analyze. Using the IMPACT cycle framework, address the following:
(1) Identify your question (for example, if you choose the technology industry, you may be interested in asking the following question: Do the fastest growing companies in the technology industry have higher research and development expense, higher price-to-earnings ratios, lower debt-to-equity, etc.)
(2) Master the data – find the source of data to answer your question (you may want to consider calling the Yahoo Finance API for market/stock prices; the SEC financial data set using XBRL data; XBRL US’s API to call XBRL data; or Compustat data)
(3) Perform the Test Plan – discuss which model is the most appropriate (regression, classification, clustering, filtering etc)
(4) Address and refine results – provide descriptive statistics of the data you collected; discuss any outliers or missing data you observe; run your model using Stata/R/Python/Excel.
(5) Communicate insights – Provide a summary discussion of your results (for example, if it is a regression, interpret the significance of each variable in the regression). Consider using data visualization to communicate some key findings (for example, to showcase outliers, or clustering of the data)
(6) Track outcomes – for example, discuss how frequently this analysis should be performed and how trends may have structural shifts over time.
Im choosing the airline industry, so we can look at domestic USA airlines which include American Airlines, delta airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue airlines, frontier airlines, united airlines etc. I want to see the impact of covid-19 on the revenue growth for these airlines and compare.

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