Respond to the book

This week’s assigned readings are:  
Manoj Misra (2017) Smallholder agriculture and climate change adaptation in Bangladesh: questioning the technological optimism, Climate and Development, 9:4, 337-347, DOI:10.1080/17565529.2016.1145101
Carmin, J., Tierney, K., Chu, E., Hunter, L. M., Roberts, J. T., & Shi, L. (2015). Adaptation to climate change. Climate change and society: Sociological perspectives, 164-98. 
Your written response should be in the form of at least one critical question (based on the readings and/or relevant contemporary socio-political events) and your response to this question. These questions should be open-ended that allows broader engagement. We will pool all these questions at the beginning of the class and discuss them together. You are welcome to refer to additional texts outside the assigned readings in preparing your reflection paper. The reflection paper will ideally summarize the key arguments of the readings, critically reflect on them, highlight issues that need to be discussed, offer practical examples relevant to the issue, and articulate critical questions for the class to discuss. It’s always a good idea to draw on relevant local or global events published in the digital or print media while preparing your reflection paper. Most reputed newspapers have an ‘environment’ section which could be a great source to locate such events. 

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