Topics (Research)


Page minimum: 4 (not including the Works Cited page); MLA formatting and source documentation (4 sources minimum). Please consult the files posted in the Content area on MLA documentation.


Note: This is a research assignment. You are required to support your analysis with a minimum of four (4) external sources (not including the textbook), which may include books (hardcopy or electronic), database articles (at least two of these), and no more than one regular Internet source. Please do not use any .com sources. None! Please remember that your Works Cited list must begin at the top of a fresh page (but is still included in the same submission file). The Works Cited page does not count as one of the four pages minimum that you need to satisfy the length requirement. If you are confused about anything related to this assignment, feel free to email your instructor!


More on sources: Your source list should include at least two database sources (which can include database articles and ebooks). Most of you should already be familiar with the Trident research databases, which can be accessed by opening the Library tab located on our course main page (on the right side where you will see a list of links. Once you have the Library main page open, look for the “databases / articles by subject” link. Your best options for getting your database research started are the Bloom’s Literature and JSTOR databases (in the English Literature area). For online books, look in the eBooks Collection.

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