Research paper on any U.S. Government (federal/state/local) legislation/policy (

Research paper on any U.S. Government (federal/state/local) legislation/policy (with the exception of Solitary Confinement, Capital Punishment, Abortion, Marijuana Legalization,
Immigration and Gun Control). The body of the paper must include, at a minimum, background information on the policy, including 1-2 court cases, directly or indirectly related to the
policy; alternative policies, and possible advantages/disadvantages of those policies. Students are encouraged, but not required to email the instructor for approval of the topic.
The paper must be between 8-11 FULL pages long (the cover page and reference page does not count towards the eight page minimum); Typed; 12 point; Times New Roman; Double
Spaced; APA style (see Research Paper resources tab or JAY library for assistance with APA style). You may use headers, but there should not be any space between the header
and the paragraphs. A minimum of five academic sources that have been published within the past 10 years (except for court cases, which may be outside of the 10 year window)
must be used for the assignment. Peer reviewed journals via the JAY library website are generally the best and simplest way to find information for a research paper. The
course textbook may not be used as a source. An abstract is not required and will not count towards the eight page minimum. Students should not use video clips or graphics.
The paper must be submitted via SafeAssign (Word document) and will not be accepted in any other form. Please note, that if you decide to use a different format than word and
convert to Word, prior to submitting, it may change the length of the paper. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the paper meets the minimum standards at the time of
submission. Students are encouraged to use the resources outlined in the syllabus for assistance with submitting a paper via SafeAssign, at least one day before the paper is due, if
they haven’t used or aren’t comfortable utilizing SafeAssign.
Students may submit a draft of a fully completed research paper on or before 04/21/22 for one-time feedback. Students will receive feedback within three days. This is optional.
The research paper must be successfully submitted in Safeassign by 04/28/22 by 7pm. Please note the penalties for late submission of the paper in the syllabus.
Failure to adhere to this format will result in a grade reduction on the assignment.

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