Research Article Analysis

Research Article Analysis Template


Answer the following questions about each article reviewed for the Research Proposal Assignment. Complete a separate template for each article.


  1. What is the research question (state it)?


  1. What is the purpose of the research (Descriptive, Predictive, Explanatory, Evaluative)


  1. What are the concepts of focus in this research?


    1. What is the conceptual or nominal definition of each concept?


    1. How is each concept operationalized as a variable in this study?


  1. How does the author assert that the concepts are related (i.e., How does a particular theory the author specifies indicate that the concepts should be related for the purpose of the study being reviewed?)


    1. If a particular theory is offered to explain the relationship between/among variables, what is the theory and how does it explain the relationship between/among concepts?
    2. What variable(s) are the independent variable(s) and what is the dependent variable?
    3. What is the hypothesis (-es)?


  1. Who are the participants (respondents/subjects) (gender, race/ethnicity, age or other salient factors). If not people, then what is being observed/measured and what are the salient characteristics?


  1. What are the major findings (key results) and the author’s conclusions of the study?


  1. What are the limitations of the study?

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